NPA Explosive Detection Dog.P
hoto by So Not
APOPO Explosive Detection Rat.
Photo by So Not

Siem Reap becomes the World Training Spot for dogs engaged in mines and cluster munitions detection.

Monday February 8th, campaigners from Cambodia, Colombia, France, Vietnam, and Australia met , one of 15 Belgian dogs, brought from Bosnia to sniff out unexploded ordinance and so clear land for productive use. Very soon more will arrive and train on an old mango farm by NPA. Companions in Rattanakiri continue their clearance effort with our Cambodia women deminers.

Rats are also engaged in this effort. Campaigners met ISSAC, a handsome rat from Tanzinia who showed his skill in a training field at the CMAC APOPO DU4 complex in Siem Reap . A very good display of the mines found in Cambodia can be viewed in the Exhibition Room.

The advantagge of rats and dogs over metal detectors is that the rats and dogs sniff explosives and are not diverted by metal scraps.

Workshop on Dog Training will be held in Siem Reap on 1-5 March, 2016