MaputoMap of Mindol Metta Karuna Campaign Meeting on 1st July 2014

17th June 2014

1) Report from Maputo Review Conference on MINE BAN TREATY.
2) Preparation for Meeting with Hun Sen on Disability on 3rd July, 2014.
3) Renewed Strategy for Encouraging Cambodia to Sign Cluster Munitions Covention. Media? Politicians?

When : 1st July 2014, 2 pm

Maputo News:The Third Review Conference

12th June 2014

Tun Channareth will be in Maputo for the Third Review Conference of the Mine Ban Treaty from 23 June to 27 June 2014. He will give a session on supporting survivors of these weapons in remote areas. Chan Rotha and Ny Nhar from Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) will also be present.
More news after the event. or Read more about Maputo Conference
Completion the Challenge of Mine Ban Treaty News:Complete the Challenge Workshop

The Complete the Challenge Workshop for Maputo was held on May 6, 2014 at Sunway Hotel. It was attended by 67 people from government, mine clearance agencies, and people who work with those who have survived the weapons. Inputs from this meeting will form part of the Cambodian governments response in Maputo, Mozambique (Complete the challenge statement on Victim Assistance click Please Click here).

Quality of Rehabilitation, and Economic, Social, and Political inclusion were key components.

Disarmament Campaign News:Disarmament Campaign

The Survivor Network Campaign Team requested the Prime Minister of Cambodian to join Cluster Munitions Treaty when he met them in March. He advised them to ask the US to join.
News:Campaign in the USA

Bill Morse is campaigning in the US with senators to encourage them to join the Conventions against Landmines and Cluster Munitions. Our campaign advised him and directed him to resources.
Disarmament Campaign News:Campaign Message to Brazil During World Cup

The Campaign sent a message to Brazil asking them to join the Convention on Cluster Munitions during the World Cup.

Dear Foreign Minister of Brazil,

We are so happy to watch the World Cup in your country.

Last year we survivors of land mines and cluster bombs played our own soccer cup against the Cambodian army and the deminers and guess what we won!
One man with no arms played a marvelous game with his head and a refugee goalkeeper kept the army out of the goal posts.

We want Brazil to accede to the Cluster Munitions Convention and set a stunning new goal for Brazil. Be part of the world community of nations that outlaws these weapons that harm so many small poor people!
Come on Brazil you can win this World Cup!!!

Tun Channareth, Sak Sopheak, Song Kosal and all the friends of the Cambodian Campaign against Cluster munitions

See on the Facebook of CCBL: Cambodia Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Bombs
News:New National Strategic Plan Release

In the presence of the Prime Minister Hun Sen on July 3 2014, Disability Action Council (DAC) will release the New Strategic Plan for Disability.
The Campaign has taken part in the lead-up deliberations.
Cluster Bombs Use in Syria News:Condemnation On Cluster Bombs Use

The Campaign strongly condemns the use of Cluster Munitions in Syria.
We mourn the lives lost there and also in the new battles in Iraq and Ukraine.
Accessibility Photo Display News:Accessibility Photo Display

Accessibility Photo Display Staged at FCC in February is available from So Not ( or Visit: /disability_access.html)
Visitors of Metta Karuna News:Visitors of Mindol Metta Karuna

Visitors from Korea, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Cambodia, Syria, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, and Japan will participate in sessions on June 12, 2014 at Mindol Metta Karuna on Landmines and Cluster Munitions led by Campaign in Siem Reap. They are all influential in Churches throughout Asia and Interested in inter faith dialogue. A visit to War Museum is included.