The Visit of Fr. Arturo Sosa sj, 14-16 July 2017

Highlights of the Visit:

  1. The Happiness the presence of Father General brought to the whole team, which included Christians and Buddhists, people with disability, women and men, people who had been refugees in the camps, national and international members, some of whom were Jesuits.
  2. Our Rohingya refugee cooking roti for guests. The happiest about this were the three from Ranchi!
  3. Reth, Mom, Sony, Mony talking at the various symbols in our ground to Father General about the poor in the village, refugees, bombs, and morality at Jayavaraman VII and Indra Devi.

  4. The masses in the chapel with Father General homily on reconciliation.
  5. The rain not failing on our garden party on the first night. Thank Saint Joseph!
  6. The monks and Jesuits blessing the wheels of reconciliation on the cluster bomb pond. The symbol came from the international JRS/Boston College meeting on reconciliation.
  7. Father General visiting Wat (Pagoda) for the first time.
  8. The mass at the Church with Toilet ad Kike and the Cambodian catholic community.
  9. The General naming collaboration and networking as key and telling the Jesuits to tag themselves as collaborators.
  10. The beautiful team spirit at Metta Karuna the hospitality of the Cambodian team, the delicious food and the laughter.