Campaign Procession 17th August Marathon 2014.Photo by Sor Not

1) Cluster Munitions Campaign
A letter explaining about San Jose States Parties Meeting on The Cluster Munitions in Costarica 1-4 September will be sent to all members of the National Assimbly.

  • It invites those interested to a meeting on 9 Octomber to inform about the Costarica event.
  • It urges all to vote for Cambodia to join the Cluster Munitions Convention.

2) Landmine and Cluste Munitions Campaign On 5th August
A seminar with 14 monks form Myanmar along with Christians and Muslims, also fro Myanmar was held at Metta Karuna Reflection Centre on Peace Issues, especially joining Mine Ban Treaty and Convention on the Cluster Munitions.


  • 17th August 2014-Angkor Marathon Event
    • A Pub Street/Night Market crawl public awareness.
    • A bicycle rally in the morning along with Marathon runners
Arrupe will organize a bigger event for December Marathon.
  • 4-5 August 2014- Celebrated 4th Anniversary of the Convention on Cluster Munitions with French and Cambodian youth, and children at Mindol Metta Karuna
  • 3rd August- A bicycle rally with French students
  • A video made by Arrupe
  • 31th July- Srun Sony, JRS Phnom Penh participated a campaign meeting organized by HI