Dhammayietra - A Wheel for Peace

Dhammayietra- A Wheel for Peace

Peace and Reconciliation

The mural, carved by Siem Reap artist Channa, depicts the Dhamma wheel being pushed by Buddhist monks, peace loving men and women, including people in wheelchairs, farmers, Catholic priests, nuns and soldiers as they walk to promote non-violence, peace and reconciliation. It is the adapted logo of the Dhammayietra.

Years ago in the refugee camps, JRS reflected on how best to end the war and exile in Cambodia and promote peace. One of the decisions was to work with the Buddhist monks to promote reconciliation. Along with Maha Ghosananda, a revered senior Buddhist monk shining with happiness and holiness, Bob Maat and Liz Bernstein, friends of peace, began to organise the Dhammayietra (Peace Walk). The first was in 1992. The 1993 walk lead up to the first elections after the Pol Pot genocide era. Thousands walked across the country into Phnom Penh and the next day 95% of the population turned out to vote in peace. The Dhammayietra has been held every year since then. Sadly, in one march, some monks were killed and other peace lovers held by the Khmer Rouge.

Lotus Flower

Prayer of Maha Ghosananda

The Suffering of Cambodia has been deep
From this suffering comes Great Compassion
Great Compassion makes a Peaceful Heart
A Peaceful Heart makes a Peaceful Person
A Peaceful Person makes a Peaceful Family
A Peaceful Family makes a Peaceful Community
A Peaceful Community makes a Peaceful Nation
A Peaceful Nation makes a Peaceful World
A Peaceful World makes a Peaceful Universe

Here, you are invited to reflect on reconciliation and peace in your own heart and family, in your country and in the world. What do you do to promote peace? How do you solve quarrels? How can countries solve conflicts peacefully?

For more, read Maha Ghosananda's 'The Buddha of the Battlefield'and 'Step by Step'

"I will do one thing every day to make peacemgrow like a flower."
"Spend five minutes every day reflecting peacefully."
Song Kosal, ICBL Youth Ambassador

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