Metta Karuna is an interfaith reflection centre in Siem Reap. Cambodians and international guests are welcome to see the challenges of Cambodia through the eyes of the poor and the lens of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. A beautiful Chapel sculptures and ground invite people to peace and reconciliation. A library, seminar spaces and accommodation are available.
In June 2013, JRS International and Boston College Center for Human Rights and International Justice invited JRS field workers, ethicists and interfaith specialists to reflection on the process of the reconciliation. It called JRS all over the world to renew and deepen its focus on reconciliation in all its projects.
A second seminar of 60 people on Interfaith and the environment was also held.
In July, 20 Burmese monks are in residence along with boys from Riverview College Sidney.

JRS Cambodia celebrates Arrupe Way

23rd Jan 2021

Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Cambodia opened Arrupe Way on 23 January to celebrate 40 years since the foundation of JRS by Fr Pedro Arrupe and 30 years of JRS Cambodia. We also celebrated that the Nuclear Ban Treaty became International Law on 22 January by setting up a special section in our disarmament room. Pedro Arrupe was in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was dropped in 1944. There he walked the streets, tending the injured.

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Universal Apostolic Reference

15 March 2019

Fr General Arturo Sosa arrives for first visit to JCAP

JCAP News 11-22 July 2015

We are united in our desire to promote peace and reconciliation, says Fr Sosa after first dialogue with Buddhists

Landing in Siem Seap on the second leg of his first trip to Asia Pacific, Fr General Arturo Sosa quickly found himself in completely different setting. From Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim country with about 350 Jesuits and many institutions and collaborators, he was now in a largely Buddhist country, with a small cohort of 26 Jesuits working with a modest number of collaborators. It was his first time in a Buddhist country, and to visit Jesuits and partners in mission working together in such a context, he shared in his homily on July 15 in the chapel of the Metta Karuna Reflection Centre in Siem Reap where stayed for most of his visit.
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To Mindol Metta Karuna, Jesuit Misions and JRS in Siem Reap

20 July 2017

Highlights of the Visit:

  • The Happiness the presence of Father General brought to the whole team, which included Christians and Buddhists, people with disability, women and men, people who had been refugees in the camps, national and international members, some of whom were Jesuits.

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School of Peace Opening Ceremony Reflection Centre

6 August 2015

The Reflection Centre is humming with life in August. The School of Peace, led by Mennonite Max Ediger is forming young people with a passion for peace from China, Vietnam, Papua, Indonesia, East Timor, Philippines and Cambodia.

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School of Peace open ceremony School of Peace open ceremony


February 2014

JRS Cambodia is celebrating!
- On 8th February we will hold an Interfaith Event at Mindol Metta Karuna at...
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Newsroom Reflecting on Reconciliation at Trapeang Thmor

(19 June 2013)

What does it mean to reconcile, and under what circumstances is reconciliation possible? These are some of the questions that JRS international staff is grappling with at a conference on Peace and Reconciliation. ...Read more!!!

Reconciliation Advocates from JRS Conflict Zones Gather for Conference on World Refugee Day

(Siem Reap, Cambodia, 14 June 2013)-JRS delegates from Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Colombia and other countries will gather in Siem Reap to share their experiences working among refugees and for reconciliation. ...Read more!!!


Buddhists, Christians and Muslims were invited togetherto explore how their faith traditions called them to act forjustice. Together drawing on these different traditions, all collaborated to reflect and plan non-violent ways to address current challenges in Cambodia. Read more...Download Here!!!
Newsroom 11-15 December Workshop

Mindol Metta Karuna Reflection Centre Siem Reap
an Inter Faith Workshop, which listen to Stories, Reflects on Experience, Prays in silence shares insights from... Read more >>>