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On 29 August 2013, in Preah Vihear JRS and its Survivor Network Project released "I AM HAPPY I AM ALIVE". It is a Practical Approach to improving the Quality of Life of People with Disability. It is focused on the village where they live.

Our research showed that many people with disability are happy people who try to help their communities, their families and work to make sure their rights are upheld.

But it also had some bad news:
1) Only 41% of handicapped people have identity cards
2) 39% have land titles
3) 56% can read and write (39% among women)
4) Only 51% have enough food to eat
5) Few say they have enough income to live in dignity.

Read all about it and the recommendations we make to the government, local authorities, ourselves.
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We also released another book called "Services Booklet for People with Disability in Cambodia". It is available in English and Khmer
English version
Khmer version